About Us

We are Manufacturer Supplier Exporter of PU ( Polyurethane ) Products, PU ( Polyurethane ) Coated Conveyor Rollers / Drive Rollers / Pallet Truck Rollers, PU ( Polyurethane ) Trolley Wheels / Stacker Wheels, PU ( Polyurethane ) Step Roller Wheels / Heavy Duty / Caster Wheels, PU ( Polyurethane ) Rods / Sheets / Sleeves / Bushes, PU ( Polyurethane ) Sheets / Strips, PU ( Polyurethane ) Spiders / Dunnages / Rock Breaker Parts, PU ( Polyurethane ) Damping Pads / Resting / Rest Pads / Seals / Antivibration Pads, PU ( Polyurethane ) Special Products / Brushes / Gaskets and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India

Sarthak Enterprises is one of the leading manufacturing of all types of polyurethane products to carer customer requirement. At one stop our core competency is provide solutions to the concepts of customer we have a team of skilled workforce with expertise in manufacturers of PU Coated Conveyor Roller, Drive Roller, Pallet Truck Rollers, Pu Trolley Wheels, Heavy Duty Custer Wheels, Pu Roads, Sheets, Pu Spider dunnages, Rock Beaker Parts,PU. Dumping Pads, Our Setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Expert in Polyurethane

We have strong support in domestic customer company vision is to provide best quality product to each and every customer. We will continue to improve quality and delivery time and move forward with our aggressive

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    • Our core competency is providing solutions to the concepts of customer with minimum lead time, minimum cost and optimum quality.
    • We have a team of skilled workforce with expertise in manufacturing of cast PU Products with no defects and good durability.
    • KEY TEAM MEMBERS are having more than a decades of experience in manufacturing of cast polyurethane products.
    • Our list of satisfied customers elaborates our capability and capacity.